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Destiny - The Real Story

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 29, 2014, 2:55 PM
So the truth has finally come out. I implore anyone interested to check out this thread before the Bungie forum devs bury/hide/delete it.…

While I have enjoyed Destiny thus far, it has been very clear from the opening cut scene of the game that this is not the game we were promised or teased with in 2013 when Bungie released most of their gameplay trailers and E3 announcements. 

Here is the 2013 trailer: 

Basically everything in this trailer is not in the game as it stands now. There was also a recent bug on PS4 where someone was able to view all of the DLC content..WHICH IS ALREADY ON THE GAME! So basically the game shipped with content stuck behind a paywall. People have also glitched into several areas of Old Russia and found them already full of enemies, dead ghosts, and other items. 

As it turns out, with a few staff changes at key positions and pressure from Activision, Bungie basically gutted most of the story and sold us a 60% finished game with the intent on milking the rest of the story out of us with DLC later down the road. This is just unreal. I have honestly lost all faith in the video game world and at this point, I refuse to ever pre-order or get excited about another game. As much as I love the Halo series and had loved Bungie before this, I am reminded of the BS they tried to pull with Halo ODST basically trying to sell a 4 hour campaign as a full priced game. At what point is this crap going to stop? 

After seeing more and more about another failed game that is so far reminding me of what Gearbox did with Colonial Marines, I keep asking myself: 

1) Where did the $500 million dollars for development go? 
2.) How can a game in 2014 have worse character creation options than the original Mass Effect? 
3.) Probably the most important...why am I still playing this game? I suppose it is kind of addictive with the loot drops...

In closing...all I can say is Bungie has got their work cut out for them to put out this dumpster fire. Activision's shares have dropped 12% in the stock market since Destiny released and I'm sure they can't wait to get their newest Call of Duty out there to save face as a company. 

Sadly the DLC expansions were included with our Xbox One digital game, so I am going to be sticking it out until at least December to see what they add in. My advice to Bungie would be to drop some FREE story and mission content ASAP before they lose most of the player base to other games like Master Chief Collection and COD: Advanced Warfare, not to mention the Borderlands prequel, Shadows of Mordor, etc. 

As far as I'm concerned, Bungie took any goodwill they had from over a decade of the Halo franchise and lit it on fire. I knew there was something to them acting like a bunch of sophomoric frat boys when it came to their pimping of PS4 for Destiny and basically taking any shot they could at Microsoft, the company that allowed them to become what they are today. Regardless of your feelings, you don't bite the hand that fed you and helped make you what you are. What happened to you Bungie? 

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