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News and Notes - Closing SC Heroines

Journal Entry: Sun May 3, 2015, 2:57 PM
Hope everyone is doing well! I can't believe that it is May already, but the sun is finally out and hopefully winter is long behind us. We had snow here a week ago so I am just completely sick of winter at this point. 

Anyways on to some important news and what not. As some people know I was out of work for about 2 months up until April. Well, a lot may not know that because I'm a rather private person who tends to keep issues to myself, but anyways I picked up some new work towards the end of March and I have been completely slammed ever since. I am driving 2 hours a day for work travel and I've just been really busy lately with not too much time for DA, or for notes or whatever else. I have a big backlog of stuff to catch up on. 

That brings me to my next little bit of news, which might be a little bittersweet, but I feel it is a step I need to take to just get refocused on my own projects on DA. At this point I am about 3 years behind on Crimson's main focus and story so I am going to have to buckle down and pretty much get going on that. I am no longer going to be taking on any outside work or collaboration requests other than some stuff I've already worked out with a few people in private. I've tried this before in the past and it never seems to work because I always take on more stuff and then I never get anything done. This is one of the main reasons I hardly ever participate in Art Jams when people offer them, it isn't because I'm a hateful bitch, its because I honestly don't have the time and don't want to promise something with a deadline when I can't even get my own story lines for my own OCs caught up. 

The other note I am going to make is that I am going to be slowly phasing out and shutting down the Steel City Heroines group. I've been debating doing this for a few months now but I think now the time is right. I don't have time to run a group and focus on it especially when there really has not been any participation in the group in months, well being brutally honest, since it started really. A lot of things I envisioned for it when I started it never came to pass and I realize now I should have just kept to my own little page here writing Crimson's adventures. So in the next few days I'll be shutting down the group and closing it off, it is just something that needs to be done at this point and with my R/L stuff keeping me very busy I just don't have time to worry about it anymore and I've spread myself too thin worrying about it and creating so many OCs for it, I just don't have the time anymore. 

At this point I'm spread kind of thin, I've spent the last few years taking on all kinds of outside collaborations and other things and really thrown my OC all over the place and haven't been able to focus on the things I wanted to do. Please don't read into this as drama or me complaining about collaborating with people, I really do love that part of DA, but I just need to focus on my own writing and stuff right now. So basically what this means is I will be hosting all of Crimson's adventures on my page in the appropriate gallery folders. Both her adventures as CV and her old adventures as Crimson Dynamo will continue. At this point there are just major story line things that need to occur that I am way behind on and people are waiting on me to get things done so that characters that are intertwined can finally have their stories done justice. I'll also still be developing some supporting OCs and what not, but my main focus is going to be on my OC and finally getting her where she needs to be.

Also to end on a disclaimer, if you happen to see anything posted that features OCs belonging to another person, it isn't because I decided to play favorites and collaborate with them over you or anyone else, it is because a lot of the stuff I am finally getting to was planned 2-3 years ago with those people and I am trying my best to honor those major storyline commitments as they were originally planned. If I promised you something or we discussed something at length that I mentioned I'd be working on, rest assured I will still be working on it, I just can't promise when it will get done. Also obviously some alternate universe collaborations will still continue, just at whatever pace I can get to them.

Just trying to get this all out of the way because I know people are out there that read into things too much and take the internet too seriously and I want to avoid drama and the "do you hate me???" and "what's wrong???" stuff before it rears its ugly head as it always tends to do in these situations. To anyone who participated in the SC group, I appreciate it, but unfortunately it is just time to shut it down given the lack of participation. 

Anyways....sorry for the doom and gloom to end the weekend. Hope everyone had a good weekend and is doing well! 



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Hi there and welcome to my little corner of the DA universe! Here you will find the adventures of my original characters, high lighted by my main OC Crimson Valkyrie. My stories normally cover a fairly broad range of interests, but mainly focus on super heroines, romance and erotic situations, drama, peril, friendship, and love...among other things! If you are just stopping by for the first time than I would encourage you to check out the links below which have more detail on where you can find things in my gallery!

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winterventions Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Will we ever see a Part 2 to the Lambda Syndicate story you did way back with OruborosArt? I still think it's easily your most wonderful and erotic story!
CrimsonVlkyrie Featured By Owner 4 days ago
We shall see. Those were mostly gift art done on the artists own accord and nothing that I officially commissioned. I wrote the little stories to go along with them more as a thank you/appreciation for the gifts. 

If you hadn't seen yet, we did another little series with Crimson facing off against his character Nemesis. It's in the folder/link below. :)…
winterventions Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Oh I definitely read that too! I adored those. Hey, even if you didn't have any images, I think it would be incredibly intriguing to see the next stage. I mean, you left off with Crimson on her knees, pledging herself to the Lambda Syndicate - you can't leave us hanging! :P
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